iEAT Light Grip OverviewiEAT Light Grip: Requires just a little assistanceiEAT Light Grip: Reduced strength is no longer an obstacle

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Eating independently made easy

The iEAT Light Grip is an innovative assistive eating device, developed for people with reduced muscle strength or muscle function in their arms or hands. Eating with the iEAT Light Grip requires less strength and effort because of the support provided by the iEAT. Using the iEAT has the added benefit of being able to sit upright while eating. This improves posture and benefits the digestive system. It also allows the user to actively participate in conversation during a meal.

Personal mealtime assistance

This assistive eating device supports and guides your hand and arm while using it to eat. Allowing you to scoop up your food and raise the spoon to your mouth, without having to strain yourself. If you let go of the iEAT, the spoon will automatically return to your mount. Setting the height of the spoon (called the 'mouth position'), can be easily done with the instruction from the manual. The same goes for the amount of upward force it provides and the area in which the iEAT is allowed to move. The properties enable you to eat independently with significantly less effort. Looking for something with a little less support, but a little more guidance and control, try the iEAT Power Grip. The Power Grip is designed specifically for people with involuntary muscle contractions like spasms or cerebral palsy.

iEAT Light Grip - Features

  • Supports and coordinates movements requires for eating
  • Settings can be easily adjusted to personal preference
  • Comes with a Manual plate rotation-unit (Powered plate rotation-unit is optional)
  • iEAT Spoon and iEAT Plate can also be bought separately

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