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iEAT M pasta

The iEAT Feeding Support is one of the feeding devices in our assortment. The iEAT is available in various models, it supports the user at meals by coordinating the necessary movements. For people who suffer from spasms or tremors it works by nullifying uncontrolled movements using a damping mechanism. The device’s so-called feeding arm offers resistance which makes it possible for the user to perform con-trolled movements during eating. 

For people with reduced muscle power and-or coordination problems, the iEAT works by offering
almost no resistance which makes it possible for the user to perform controlled eating movements using little power.The iEAT offers full control to the user making them an equal, independent partner at the dinner table. The iEAT is modern, has a compact design and can be fitted easily to almost any table. In other words this means eating with ease and independently at family, friends or in a restaurant. This eating device comes standard with special plate and spoon.

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