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iARM Stoplicht 660x369

Robotic arms for humans

Assistive Innovations has over 25 years of experience with the development and manufacturing of assistive robotic arms. Our very first robotic arm called the MANUS, was the world's first assistive robotic arm.

After the MANUS we kept developing and made the ARM, the AMI and eventually the iARM. The iARM is our current model. It is an intelligent, wheelchair mounted robot arm. The things that make the iARM so special are its intuitive controls and user friendly setup. The controls are sensitive and the robotic arm is very precise, making it very suitable for personal care like brushing teeth, combing hair, but also eating and drinking. A special eating and drinking mode is available.

Personal robot assistant

Our robotic arms have been developed as personal assistants for people with severe physical disabilities like a progressive muscular disease, quadriplegia, a neurlogical disease or severe spasms. With help from our robot arm users we were able to optimize the iARM over the years. Various control options are available like wheelchaircontrols, a single button controller and controlling the iARM via your smartphone. Regardless of which control option you use, it will always feel easy and intuitive

The iARM relies on the wheelchair battery as source of power. Which has very little effect on battery life, because the robot arm require only a small amount of electricity.

iARM Robot arm - Features

  • Superior accuracy, requires for eating, drinking and personal care
  • Uses wheelchair battery as source of power
  • Able to lift 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg) when fully extended

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