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Compact arm supports, assistive eating devices and robotic arms for humans. Assistive Innovations has been a supplier of assistive technology for over 25 years. Focusing on people with limited arm, hand or finger function, for example caused by a muscular disease, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, a neurological condition or age, we always have one goal in mind: making people more independent.

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iFLOAT Powered Assist

Arancha, 24

"With the iFLOAT Arm support I can reach higher, enabling me to go grocery shopping"

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iARM Melina 400x400

Melina, 42

"The iARM has made me more independent since day one!"

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iARM Stoplicht 400x400

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The iFLOAT Dynamic is under development!

Assistive Innovations is currently working on new functionalities for the iFLOAT Dynamic, namely:

  • A new braking system,
  • A new parking system,
  • Improving the arm brace.

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Show your colours!

The iARM Robotic arm is normally supplied in stylish black, but just in case you would like your robotic arm to stand out a little bit more, we have some options for you.

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Short but powerful; a shorter arm support

Although the reach of the iFLOAT Active is a benefit for most, for some a shorter reach is preferred.

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Support on the job

A common perception is that assistive devices are meant for people with (physical) limitation, but assistive devices are actually for anyone who finds them beneficial. For example, an arm support can be used to prevent or help recover RSI or CTS. A robotic arm can be used to enable someone to do their job, despite having a (temporary) disability.

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Assistive drinking device

Plastic straws are very handy, sometimes even indispensable: they are flexible, don't get hot when put in hot drinks and they're single use, so very hygienic. But there is one big disadvantage: ...

Reach further with the new arm support

AI NG Active Behind Desk II LR   


Would you like to have a larger reach with an arm support? Assistive Innovations has developed a new arm support with longer links, so you can ...

Arm support with extra elbow support

Alternatief armkuipje groot uitgesneden LR 

Looking for an arm support that provide additional support for your elbow? We can help you with, because Assistive Innovations actually has an alternative arm brace.


The iFLOAT NG Dynamic is here!

The new dynamic arm support: iFLOAT NG Dynamic, is the first in the NG-series. With new features like Rest-mode, memory options and a modular arm brace, it is quite an arm support (execpt it is very compact).


The introduction of the iFLOAT NG Dynamic

iFLOAT NG PNG 56mm Kledingmagneet

Only 7 more days and we'll be off to Karlsruhe in Germany for REHAB 2019! This year's expo will be a lot of fun and bit exciting, because we will be introducing our newest arm support: the iFLOAT NG Dynamic.

And as if that only isn't enough, we will also hand out exlusive, limited edition pin buttons to everyone that tries the new dynamic arm support!

Curious? We will share photos, videos, product specs and info on availability in the coming week.

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