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The iFLOAT Dynamic: extra support within arms reach

The iFLOAT Dynamic is a fully equiped arm support that allows you to set the level of support electronically with an external, double button. Very handy and useful for when you need to lift something.

In addition to this ‘as needed’ support, the iFLOAT Dynamic also has a memory function and a resting position. It is the most complete arm support by Assistive Innovations yet.

Our clients use their arm support to:

  • work
  • write, draw and paint
  • support them while eating and drinking
  • play an instrument

The iFLOAT Dynamic is an upgraded version of the well-known iFLOAT. A noticeable difference is the larger reach and despite the fact that this arm support is much more robust than its predecessor, it is still one of the most compact arm supports available.

Different ways of attaching the Assistive Innovations arm supports allow you to use them behind your desk, at a dining table, on a tripod, or while in a (powered) wheelchair / triple chair.

Curious what you could do with an arm support? Request a free fitting below.


Resting position
A new and unique option is the Resting position. When the iFLOAT Dynamic is in this position, the system is on but does not provide floating power. This allows the user to park safely and take his/her arm out of the iFLOAT Dynamic, without the need for a parking system.

Memory function
Another new and important option is the memory function, which allows the user to save a preferred setting. Activating the saved setting is done in a smart way through the regular controls, so no extra button is needed.

Ergonomic arm braces
We currently have three types of arm braces in our assortment. Our employees are happy to assist you to explain these further.

Optional: wrist and/or hand support
Wrist and/or hand supports for the iFLOAT Dynamic are available.

Attachment methods
The arm support can be moved easily during the day from table to tripod or wheelchair. Together, we will determine how many attachment points you require daily, so you can always use your arm support.

The iFLOAT Dynamic is now available! Click on the button below to request a free and noncommital fitting.

iFLOAT Dynamics specifications

Below you will find the specifications for the iFLOAT Dynamic.

0 kg (Resting position) - max. 5 kg

Horizontally your arm length is the maximum reach, vertically your crown is the maximum reach. The iFLOAT always supports your personal reach.

Every iFLOAT Dynamic has a Resting position which can be used for parking the iFLOAT when your not using it.

Memory function for your support setting

The iFLOAT Dynamic can be attached to a table, desk, wheelchair, triple chair or tripod. Mounting on a wheelchair is done with a special mounting kit underneath your arm rest, so it doesn't make your wheelchair wider. The iFLOAT Dynamic is easy to disconnect.

The iFLOAT Dynamic is electrically operated and can provide extra support when required.

Wrist- and/or hand support is optional

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