Over 25 years of assistive devices by Assistive Innovations

Assistive Innovation is a small organisation, originaly founded in The Netherlands. We have been developing and manufacturing assistive devices for over 25 years, mainly focussing on people with limited arm, hand or finger function, but aiming to help anyone in need. Our mission is to help people achieve true independence. We specialize in arm supports, eating devices and robotic arms.

We will always try to help you find a fitting solution. Personal attention and advise it what defines us.

About our gecko

An interesting story, yet fairly unknown: the story behind our logo. What is a gecko doing in the logo of a tech company? It is something we have to explain regularly and we get why.

Here’s why

Years ago we had our corporate identity reviewed by an advertising agency, because we were looking for something new, something different and something that would stand out. Their proposition appealed to us very much. They came up with the idea for promotional material that would have a certain animal prominently depicted. A striking connection was made between our assistive products and the “assistive devices” present in the animal kingdom.

Elephants have their trunk, which they use for eating, drinking and picking things up. Just like our robotic arms. Other animals have their tails. They use it for many different purposes, like supporting themselves, eating and helping others. A understandable link to our arm support and assistive devices for eating was made.

But why a gecko?

The lamellae on gecko footpads and the van der waals’ forces allow them to adhere to most surfaces. The gecko’s special ability perfectly suits who we are as an organization: an innovative organization with unique solutions for arms, hands and fingers.

During the development of our assistive devices we focus mainly on innovation, compactness and effectiveness. Oh, and don’t forget discreteness.

Over the years we slowly parted from the animals in our corporate identity, except for the gecko. The gecko will stick around.

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