What is an arm support?

An arm support is an assistive device, designed to support your arm's natural movements. Arm supports are often used by people with a muscular disease, a neurological disease or a spinal cord injury.

Having reduced muscle strength or muscle function in your arm, can make things like working, going out and even performing everyday activities like personal care difficult and exhausting. Using an arm support will reduce the required amount of effort to move and use your arm, making work, going out and everyday activities less difficult and exhausting. The arm support supports you while eating, drinking, combing your hair, brushing your teeth or putting on make up.

An arm support can be mounted on a (powered) wheelchair, table, desk and mobile frame, depending on your needs or preferences. Some arm supports, like our iFLOAT, can be moved from one mounting position to another.

Discover your possibilities with a dynamic arm support

Comfortable support and unlimited freedom of movement, that is what it's all about with our iFLOAT Arm Support and iFLOAT Powered Assist. The amount of support provided by the arm support can be set very precisely and exactly to your needs. They are remarkably compact, and hardly increase the width of your wheelchair once mounted. The arm brace is comfortable and has an ergonomic design.



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